From abstracted landscapes and intimate portraits to autobiographical "Lotus Girl" drawings and animations, Betsy is interested in capturing sacred moments.

About Lotus Girl
Betsy first dubbed "Lotus Girl" in 2002, though she'd been drawing variations of this miniature self for years prior. The name was born from learning about both the symbolism of the lotus flower, and the history of the "lotus shoe," the ornately embroidered silk slippers worn by Chinese women with bound feet. The concept that beauty & resilience can grow from darkness, coupled with the connection to Betsy’s culture, felt fitting for these small drawings that explore trauma, identity & hope. At her inception, Lotus Girl measured only a few centimeters in height; today, she's grown close to two and a half inches tall.

In 2021, Betsy exhibited more than 60 Lotus Girl drawings in her solo show, Reflexivity. She is currently working on a book of Lotus Girl drawings. You can follow Lotus Girl on Instagram.

Lotus Girl kneels on a circular patch of gray which floats on a white background. She is nude, hands clasped to one another at her chest. Sparks emanate from or around her. Black and white, single line drawing except for gray.

Lotus Girl: 2021-2022

Digital Pen, 5" x 5"

Lotus Girl: 2019-2020

Digital Pen, 5" x 5"

Lotus Girl: 2016-2018

Pen on Paper, 5" x 5"


Stop-motion animation. 


Oil on Wood.

Watercolor, abstract portrait: the woman faces viewer, the frame captures her face and torso, washes of blue and purple color her hair, she wears an orange v-neck top dotted with tiny yellow speckles, she is set against a backdrop of yellow, blue, pink washes, bisected horizontally.

Portraits: Of Chroma XX

Watercolor on Paper, except where noted.

Portraits: Of Chroma XXX

Watercolor on Paper, except where noted. Non-dominant hand.

Portraits: Of Jane

Pencil on Paper. Sketchbook, non-dominant hand.

Portraits: Of Women With

Pen on Paper. Sketchbook, non-dominant hand.